How I got into exploring and climbing.

Why I started climbing.

I have been practicing Parkour and Freerunning for many years before this, and I also coached Gymnastics on the side. 

I kept seeing these people on YouTube doing these crazy stunts and tricks ontop of highrises and it always amazed me how that was even possible. To get up on the top of a building or crane just seemed unreal. 

But I had been training and mentally preparing myself for something, I just hadn't known what yet. 

I started doing research on how to get up buildings and into different areas, and that's when exploring city's happened for me. I would go out almost every weekend by myself and walk around downtown looking for areas to get into. 

Let me be clear, I wasn't breaking and entering into anything at this time. I would find doors that are open or things that hadn't been locked all the way, so if I did get caught I'd have a pretty good excuse. 

Nonetheless, I wasn't afraid of getting caught because it really didn't feel like I was doing anything wrong. 

After being ontop of some of these buildings, I realized that my phone just wasn't doing justice trying to capture what I was seeing. I needed to buy a camera.

I saved up some money, and bought myself a dinky little Nikon DSLR camera and started taking photos. 

I started connecting with other photographers in the area through Instagram, and who also enjoyed exploring the cities. 

I learned how to edit over time and it has brought me to where I'm am today. 

I love it and don't ever want to stop doing it. It's a dream, and I never thought I'd be doing something like this. 

If you love it, fight for it. 

- Nightclimbs